World Famous Model Creates Stunning Collection for FORTEDEMARMI

Alena Lotti, a stunning Russian model renowned for her work around the world has created a striking new collection of jewellery for her Italian boutique, FORTEDEMARMI. The collection holds a range of luxury leather and jewels; offering a choice of diamonds, sapphires or emeralds paired with the finest alligator or python skin.

The FORTEDEMARMI collection by Alena Lotti has been designed with indulgence in mind. The jewellery house offers necklaces, bracelets and rings with interchangeable features, ideal for matching accessory to outfit.

Alena Lotti, who co-owns the brand with Alessandro Lotti, has prioritised quality and design in this collection. She said, “As the company is so personal to us, we wanted to create a unique collection and provide our customers with the best. That’s why we have used some of the finest jewels and leather available. We strive for a one of a kind service and product as our customers’ satisfaction is our priority”

The new range is based on the four elements of life; Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Each line within the collection consists of pendants, earrings, statement bracelets and rings and they all offer a choice of colours and jewels. Customers can choose to lavish their pieces with stunning sapphires or outstanding diamonds. Each line has its own individual shape to recreate the four elements.

These shapes can be matched with FORTEDEMARMI’s handbag range, as the clasps on the jewelled clutches are also designed based on the four elements, Acqua, Fuoco, Diamante and Stella.

Acqua, or Water is symbolises life and motion, Fuoco (Fire) symbolises energy, power and passion, Diamante (Earth) is for freedom and unity and finally, Stella (Air) is symbolic of honour and hope.

The model was inspired to create this range by her travels around the world. She said, “My motto is that everyone can have a better life, they can be healthy, happy and beautiful and I think this range is an example of living in harmony and spiritually. For us, a pure jewel is the body and soul of the person surrounded by light and that is what we have based our entire collection around.”

FORTEDEMARMI is lavish and luxurious, the jewellery house has raised the bar amongst its competitors with remarkable designs and ultra luxe quality. The company has a dedicated fan base and the latest collection looks set to be a favourite among those who want to indulge in something a little more unique.

The company was founded in 1963 by Otello Lotti and since then has been one of the leaders in unique styles and custom made creations. For ladies who love to brandish extravagant styles and live life in the spotlight, the Alena Lotti custom designs are sure to ensure all eyes are on the wearer.

The collection is also well suited to brides who want to really wow their guests as they walk down the aisle.