Italian Jewellery House FORTEDEMARMI Launches Changeable Crocodile Leather Jewellery

The luxury Italian jewellery and accessories boutique FORTEDEMARMI has unveiled a glamorous new collection of exquisite leather jewellery which can be customised and changed when desired. The luxury jewellery designs are made with pieces of crocodile or python leather, and can now be changed to different coloured pieces of leather.

FORTEDEMARMI designs entire luxury matching collections, including clutch bags, bracelet cuffs, necklaces, earrings and rings. The launch of the new pieces of coloured leather is great news for people who adore the jewelled clutches and own different colours, as they can now ensure their jewellery always matches their bag.

Alena Lotti, co-owner of FORTEDEMARMI said, “Our beautiful leather accessories are available in so many colours it can be difficult to choose just one. Now, you don’t have to – you can change the colour of the crocodile leather whenever you wish to match your outfit or your mood on a certain day. Whatever colour leather you wear, you’ll be turning heads with our stunning designs.”

The exotic jewellery and clutch collection is different to anything else on the market today. Handmade in Italy by professional artisans, FORTEDEMARMI uses only the finest materials, such as 18 carat gold, fancy diamonds, platinum and crocodile and python skin. The designs are stunningly beautiful and timeless, so they can be enjoyed year after year with elegant style.

Freedom and versatility are themes which run right through the FORTEDEMARMI collections. In addition to the changeable jewellery pieces, it is now possible to change the diamond and gold clasp on the bejewelled clutches. The colours of the diamond or gemstone can be exchanged so the dazzling clasp complements other accessories.

2016 is set to be an exciting year for the Italian jewellery boutique, as it launches yet another luxury collection with meaningful connections. New for next year is the Interdimensional Сollection, a psychedelic range in which the colour of the gemstones aligns with the chakras.

In addition to the handcrafted deluxe bags and jewellery collections, FORTEDEMARMI also produces special custom orders.